Using the process of indeterminacy, I attached each of the chemical components of a molecule of ethanol to a chord in the key of C. Then I began recording the map of each chord's/chemical's connection to the next on the piano. Splicing up these pieces, I layered different instruments/sounds over the recording piano fragments--a drum, tiny cymbals, the sound of a loon, castanet of a cracked plastic cup, synthesized "cosmic" padding, and vocals. Lyrics add to the confusion associated with the destructive elements of ethanol (so, at the same time that I'm trying to create this structure, bonding and meshing things together, I'm also disintegrating the whole with noise). The only piece that retains its wholeness is a fragment of this poem: "White flower in a field of snow".

The less understandable words are:
Content is much more / a complex than happiness, / for one thing--there is space / to live, at least for a little while, / to camp in its subtle smile; / / something secret & whole: / a white flower in a field of snow. 


Like the two sides of the cracked plastic cup, just as the piece becomes useful and cohesive, the whole cracks and disintegrates. Also, I made sure to make as attach chords to each chemical as well as an instrumental/sound/vocal line to each chemical of ethanol.