Tania Bakhos

Email: taniab AT stanford DOT edu

About me:

I am a PhD student at the Institute of Computational and Mathematical Engineering at Stanford University working under the supervision of Professor Peter Kitanidis. My current work is on large-scale inverse problems that arise in subsurface imaging. Before moving to California, I received my Bachelor's degree in Mathematics, Physics and History from Tufts University. A recent version of my CV can be found here.

  • T. Bakhos, A.K. Saibaba, P.K. Kitanidis. A fast algorithm for parabolic PDE-based inverse problems based on Laplace transforms and flexible Krylov solvers. J. Computational Physics. 299 (2015) 940-954
  • T. Bakhos, M. Cardiff, W. Barrash. Data Processing for oscillatory pumping tests. J. of Hydrology. 511 (2014) 310-319
  • A.K. Saibaba, T. Bakhos, P.K. Kitanidis, A flexible Krylov solver for shifted systems with application to Oscillatory Hydraulic Tomography. SIAM J. Sci. Comput. 35-6 (2013), pp. A3001-A3023
  • M. Cardiff, T. Bakhos, P.K. Kitanidis, and W. Barrash. Aquifer heterogeneity characterization with oscillatory pumping: Sensitivity analysis and imaging potential. Water Resour. Res. 49 (2013), 5395-5410
  • E.T.Quinto, T.Bakhos, and S.Chung. A local algorithm for Slant Hole SPECT. Mathematical Methods in Biomedical Imaging and Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy pages 321-348 Pisa, Italy (2008). Centro De Georgi, CRM Series, Volume 7
Conference Talks and Seminars:
  • Tufts University - Applied Mathematics Seminar, April 2015
  • SIAM CSE, March 2015
  • Stanford University - ICME Student Seminar, February 2015
  • University of Manchester - Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing Seminar, January 2015
  • Copper Mountain Conference on Iterative Methods, April 2014
  • AGU, December 2013 *Outstanding Student Paper Award
  • SIAM CSE, February 2013 *Second Place for Best Student Poster

Teaching Experience:
Teaching Assistant for the following courses: *awarded Centennial Teaching Award, 2010
  • CME 100, Vector Calculus for Engineers
  • CME 102, Ordinary Differential Equations for Engineers
  • CME 104, Partial Differential Equations and Linear Algebra for Engineers
  • CME 106, Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers