Sorathan (Tum) Chaturapruek

Tum Chaturapruek 

Sorathan (Tum) Chaturapruek
Computer Science PhD Student, Stanford University

Email: sorathan (AT) cs (DOT) stanford (DOT) edu
Offices: Huang 143A, Gates 496
Erdős Number: 3 (Paul Erdős → László Babai → Katalin Friedl → Sorathan Chaturapruek)

About me

I'm a forth-year computer science PhD student at Stanford University, advised by Ramesh Johari (MS&E) and John Mitchell (CS & Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning). My advisors and I work closely with Michael Bernstein (Human-Computer Interaction, CS) and Mitchell Stevens (Education) on data-driven education, under the project name Carta.

Currently, I'm leading the team that designs and builds Carta, a web application that helps Stanford students explore and plan courses at Stanford ( – SUNET ID required, or see the public-facing website Carta is built based on many data sources, including official student enrollments and outcome data from the Registrar. Carta has been used by more than 10,000 unique users from Stanford since its launch in August 2016, with more than 2,500 weekly active users. More than 80% of Stanford undergraduates use Carta to explore and plan courses.

I'm using Carta as a substrate to do research at the intersection of informational platform design, HCI, AI, and decision making. I also study the algorithmic side of sequential decision making, and recently got interested in deep reinforcement learning. More broadly, I'm interested in understanding the opportunities and risks of using data and tools to support decision making and how to use AI to supplement people's life. I am motivated by opportunities to make a big social impact through technology.

Previously, I was a math and CS double major at Harvey Mudd College, a crime modeling researcher at UCLA, a search software engineer at Yelp, and a study abroad student at Budapest University of Technology and Economics.


  • (April 14, 2016) I'm grateful to receive the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning (VPTL) 2016 Grant. Also thanks for the generous support from Dean's Office in recognition of the University wide impact of the project.

  • (January 4, 2016) Paper on XORs w/ Shengjia, Stefano, and Ashish is accepted to AAAI and is available on arXiv.

  • (October 30, 2015) We just launched Carta, a course-planning tool that a few Stanford students and I have made! Unlike any other website, Carta uses official data from the Stanford registrar, including course grades and instructor evaluations. If you're a Stanford undergraduate student, we'd love for you to check out Carta for yourself. We're still in the initial phases and continuing to add more features, so it would be incredibly helpful if you could let us know what you think (good or bad) at

  • (October 8, 2015) Our SAILORS paper is accepted to a premier Computer Science education conference (SIGCSE 2016).

  • (August 8, 2015) New paper on Asynchronous Stochastic Convex Optimization is available on arXiv, so is code!

  • (April 12, 2015) I'll help the Stanford AI Lab with an outreach program, SAILORS, in this summer 2015. If you know female 9th graders who might be interested in AI, please encourage them to apply! (Edited: this year's application was closed. Please encourage them to apply next year.)