Selected Research Papers:
Information and Identity in a Senate Campaign: An Experimental Study (1999)
R. Anderson & S. Iyengar
New Perspectives and Evidence on Political Communication and Campaign Effects (1999)
S. Iyengar & A. Simon
Political Advertising: What Effect on Commercial Advertisers? (1999)
S. Iyengar & M. Prior
Prime Suspects: Script Based Processing of Local News (1999) 
F. Gilliam & S. Iyengar
The Stealth Campaign: Experimental Studies of Slate Mail in California (1999)
S. Iyengar, D. Lowenstein & S. Masket
Who Says What? Source Credibility as a Mediator of Campaign Advertising (1999)
S. Iyengar & N. Valentino
Discourse and Democracy in the United States (1998)
R. Anderson & S. Iyengar
Media Effects Paradigms for the Analysis of Local Television News (1998)
S. Iyengar

Selected Books:
Do The Media Govern? Politicians, Voters, and Reporters in America (1997)
S. Iyengar and R. Reeves (eds.)
Going Negative: How Political Advertisements Shrink and Polarize the Electorate (1995)
S. Ansolabehere and S. Iyengar
Explorations in Political Psychology (1993)
S. Iyengar and W. McGuire (eds.)
Is Anyone Responsible?: How Television Frames Political Issues (1991)
S. Iyengar
News That Matters: Television and American Opinion (1987)
S. Iyengar and D. Kinder