Siddharth Sharma

My name's Siddharth. I am an undergrad studying CS and Math at Stanford. 🌲

My interests lie in solving problems in data, security, privacy, and ML at scale.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur Clarke

Cool stuff

Some things I'm currently tinkering with: Foundation Models, Differential Privacy.

Classes I've taken: Large Language Models, Operating Systems, Computer Vision with Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Complexity Theory, Matrix Theory, etc.

Some problems I care about: making ML simple, harnessing the power of LLMs, improving education, & maximizing value from data.


Areas of Interest: Machine Learning, Foundation Models, Transformers, Meta-learning, NLP & Search, Identity, Diffusion

Things I've worked on: Modeling Tennis via Markov Chains, GPT or Not: Probabilistic Approach to identifying if text was generated by GPT-3, Polymath: knowledge-enhancing search engine, SmartShot: Tennis Footage Restoration via Deep Learning, Epilepsy Patient Tracking, Simulating Biological Learning, and Understanding Quantum Classifiers. To learn more, check out the projects page.


Some other things I care about include tennis, aviation, and policy.

Some DALLE-2 Generated Images I made: (can you guess the prompts for each?)