Sida Wang

sidaw AT cs DOT toronto DOT edu


Main Projects

These are projects that took significant time, mostly work projects. See in-page links below.

Object recognition using capsules 2010

Automatic circuit routing flow 2010

Judging ranking quality by user click-through data Summer 2009

Move/Copy for Windows Live SkyDrive Summer 2008

Robotic closet light inspector Spring 2008

Making graphene Summer 2007

Lesser Projects

These are projects that are done on my spare time or for a course. This list is very partial. I picked those that are still on my computer .

Main Projects

Projects that I did previously for work, school or fun.

Object recognition using capsules

I have been working on object recognition using capsules for my thesis. This work has generated considerate interests in the group. People are working on applying the idea to speech recognition and energy models.

Automatic circuit routing flow

During my PEY at Granite SemiCom, I designed and implemented a schematic based automatic placement and route flow.

Judging ranking quality by user click-through data

During my 2009 summer internship at Microsoft. I implemented a system on SharePoint server based on research by P. Radlinski. The point is to provide an alternative measure in addition to NDCG, precision etc. After I finished the implementation, I also carried out some experiments. Unfortunately, design documents are confidential. But here are the slides from my non-technical presentation given to around 50 people at Microsoft.

Move/Copy for Windows Live Skydrive

During my 2008 summer internship at Microsoft. I was on the (3 interns) feature crew for the move/copy feature. This very important and basic feature has been live since Nov 2008 and is used by millions of people.


Robotic closet light inspector - Simplex

In teams of 3, we built robotic closet light inspector which performed the best out of 20 other teams of 3. Here is our report.


Making graphene and shoot lasers at them

I was charged with producing graphene samples when I worked at the van Driel lab. My contributions are acknowledged in this paper. I believe (but cannot prove) that I was the second person to do this in Canada after a person in UBC and shortly after the discovery of this method.

Lesser Projects

CSC411 Classification challenge

I trained a neural net that performed the best in my class. This is a 5 cateogry (cars, horses, ships, planes, trucks) based on the CIFAR dataset.


For the very enjoyable graphics course taught by Prof. Kyros Kutulakos (fall 2008). I did a ray-tracer.


Some visual computing stuff

For another very enjoyable first course in visual computing (winter 2009). I implemented a bunch of image processing algorithm.

Pipelined CPU on Altera Cyclone 2

Pipe line a CPU with 8 bits instructions in Verilog on Altera Cyclone. Fun project.

Fractal (Grade 11)

I wrote this back in Gr. 11 after I read about the Mandelbrot set. The code is here. Even with the verboseness of Java, it is surprisingly short. I later wrote a more sophisticated version using C# adding in colour and all that. This was the first time when I got really excited about mathematics.


Heuristical sudoku solver

Intead of doing classic backtracking, this solver uses several elimination heuristics and was able to solve most of the puzzles published on some Sudoku website.  Again, I also had a C# rewrite that worked better, but cannot find it now.