The story of social media began from Facebook, the largest networking site online. Facebook appealed to all users and became the central way to connect with friends. However, social media soon spread to niche users, with sites focused on people connecting with specific interests. From this, people found and connected with people who shared their area of interest or expertise, and the web became a place for people to share their specific offline personal identities online. Open each book below to hear the stories of real users and founders who have seen a major impact in their lives.
  • a photo album

    Andrea Peipe, known as Pucki_loves_Sushi on Flickr, went all the way to become a professional photographer after showcasing a project on flickr in which she took a photo each day for 365 days.

    "Flickr has made this possible for me. All of this! Had it not been for the blog post about Anna’s photos, I would have never found Flickr. I would have never bothered to really get into photography and try to understand everything about it and realize I am actually good at this. I would have never started taking photos of others and start my own business as a photographer!" -Andrea Peipe, Flickr user

    Yahoo! Flickr

    The Photo Album Flickr

    Flickr is for sharing photos online and with your friends and family. It is primarily used by freelance and professional photographers.

  • To me, Dribbble is a place that perfectly represents the circle of inspiration that exists within our industry. It's not competitive, it's enjoyable to have those moments of "Wow, why didn't I think of that?" - it pushes us to question our own designs. -Dan Gough, Designer

    Dribbble Portfolio

    A Designer's Portfolio Dribbble

    Dribbble is for user interface designers and illustrators who wish to showcase their work, get feedback from other designers, or find work.

  • Lucky for, an art and fashion online store, it continuously repins special items. Etsy engages with users on Pinterest and places prices tags on each pin, displaying their content in a way that lures shoppers to their website.

    My Pinboard Pinterest

    Collection of Pinboards Pinterest

    Pinterest is a virtual pinboard, meant for curating content, and is primarily used by females who are interested in fashion, merchandising, and design.

  • soundrack your life

    "I love Spotify because I enjoy exploring music and creating playlists that match how I'm feeling, and the important moments in my life. It's ideal for people who loce discovering music." -Greg, Spotify user

    Spotify Music

    Your Own Soundtrack Spotify

    Spotify is for music lovers who specifically look for music tailored for their mood or current moment.


    America's Top Restaurants 2012

    Shawna, a Yelp user, is an exotic foods lover and found several places near her home that she never knew existed. "For a foodie like me, Yelp helped me not only discover, but also put in my own input. It became a community of people who loved food and could talk about it, beyond just the food critics who nobody knew about." -Shawna, Yelp user

    Dining Guide

    The Zagat Yelp

    Although now more generalized, Yelp was an "online Zagat" for restaurant lovers and foodies everywhere.

  • Ben found himself being able to coupon collect in a more organized way. "I always have books and books of coupons. Groupon became a group of people who liked good deals and were coupon junkies like me. I could finally ditch the book." -Ben, Groupon user

    Couponbook Groupon

    The Coupon Book Groupon

    Groupon is for those coupon clippers who are always trying to find a good deal wherever they can.