What you need to do first and ANNOUNCEMENTS:

1) Change for tennis BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE!

2) Check the calendar!


Thanks for a great year! Have a wonderful Summer!

1) If you plan to go on the Jump Sky High field trip, be sure you don't have any overdue books (check on the doors at the end of the hall)

2) This Friday is our ICE CREAM PARTAY! Even if you are not going on the field trip, come to the Ice Cream Party and hang out, watch movies, and play games with your MSG homies!

3) Take the MSG End of the Year Survey! This survey is ANONYMOUS (that means Kesha will not know what answers you give). Be sure to answer the questions HONESTLY and THOROUGHLY. Click here for the survey.

3) Go on your gaggle email and send an email to someone in the class who you will NOT see this summer. Tell them what you are doing this summer and how they can best contact you!

4) Today is our last day so you can choose your fun activity to do:

a) Go to tennis early with Niki and Wesley!

b) Play basketball with Kesha :)

c) Go to the big room and watch a dvd (you choose from the EPATT library) with Pat.

d) Study or do homework in the classroom?

4) Be sure to stay in touch this summer via email!



Now What?
Spend the rest of class time working on homework from school!

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