We are about TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS!  During the school year we focus on study skills, critical reading, learning to work together, FIRST SERVE, and of course . . . FUN!  But during the summer it's all about FUN, FITNESS, and NEW EXPERIENCES!

Notes from a survivor...
I learned to work as a team this was unforgettable..and I also got to make my own PODCAST with my teammates! Take a listen!.

Fit for the Beach!. This summer we had fun in the sun thanks to the Riekes Center and their great fitness program!

Call of the Wild!.
We also enjoyed learning about nature in their Nature Studies department.
Check us out at Monterey!. OK, ok, so this isn't Monterey, but we did go to the beach at Monterey, nevertheless! Go check out the places where we went camping!

Radio and Relaxation!
This summer we also broadcast a live radio show on KZSU 90.1FM!.

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