Sam Heft-Neal

Research Scholar

Center on Food Security & the Environment

Stanford University


Sam Heft-Neal is a Research Scholar at the Center on Food Security and the Environment at Stanford University. Sam is working to identify the impacts of environmental changes on agriculture, food availability and health around the world. His recent work combines household surveys with remote sensing data to examine environmental impacts on health. Sam holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of California, Berkeley and a B.A. in Statistics and Economics from the same institution.



Zach Wagner, Sam Heft-Neal, Zulfiqar Bhutta, Robert Black, Marshall Burke, & Eran Bendavid. 2018. ``Armed conflict and child mortality in Africa: a geospatial analysis''. The Lancet, 392 (10150).
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Sam Heft-Neal, Jennifer Burney, Eran Bendavid & Marshall Burke. 2018. ``Robust relationship between air quality and infant mortality in Africa''. Nature, 559 (7713).
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Marshall Burke, Felipe Gonzalez, Patrick Baylis, Sam Heft-Neal, Ceren Baysan, Sanjay Basu & Sol Hsiang. 2018. ``Effect of ambient temperature on suicide in the US and Mexico''. Nature Climate Change, 8 (1).
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Nathan Lo, Jedidiah Snyder, David Addiss, Sam Heft-Neal, Jason Andrews & Eran Bendavid. 2018. ``Deworming in pre-school age children: a global empirical analysis of health outcomes''. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 12 (5).

Sam Heft-Neal, Marshall Burke & David Lobell. 2017. ``Using remotely sensed surface temperature to estimate climate response functions''. Environmental Research Letters, 12 (1).

Marshall Burke, Sam Heft-Neal & Eran Bendavid. 2016. ``Understanding variation in child mortality across Sub-Saharan Africa: A spatial analysis''. The Lancet Global Health, 4 (12).
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Papers Submitted or Under Review

``Global state of inequity in deworming coverage in low-income and middle-income countries: a spatiotemporal study of household health surveys'' (with Nathan Lo, Jean Coulibaly, Eran Bendavid, & David Addiss)

``Weather shocks at birth and human capital accumulation: evidence from Peru'' (with Manuel Barron & Tania Perez)

``Socio-economic and environmental determinants of child health among African nations'' (with Corey Bradshaw, Sarah Otto, Alicia Annamalay, Zach Wagner, Navin Ramankutty & Peter Le Souef)

Papers in Preparation

``The health Impacts of Armed Conflict on Women, Children, and Adolescents'' (with Eran Bendavid & others)

``Women and Children Living in Areas of Armed Conflict: A Geospatial Analysis of Mortality and Orphanhood in Africa'' (with Zach Wagner, Zulfiqar Bhutta, Robert Black, Marshall Burke & Eran Bendavid)

``Using Saharan dust to estimate the causal impact of pollution exposure on African infant mortality'' (with Jen Burney, Eran Bendavid & Marshall Burke)

``Environmental constraints on elite worker productivity: evidence from professional tennis'' (with David Lobell, Marshall Burke, Vincent Tanutama & Miyuki Hino)

``Lost Production: Accounting for Crop Damages in Measures of Agricultural Productivity''

``Long Run Implications of Environmental Changes for Agricultural Credit Markets'''



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