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Shima Salehi

Postdoctoral fellow
Stanford University
Learning Sciences and Technology Design
Stanford Graduate School of Education
PhD Minor
Department of Psychology Stanford University
Address: 160, 450 Serra Mall, 4th Floor, Wieman Research Lab, Stanford, CA


I study how we should teach science and engineering effectively and inclusively. My PhD advisor is Carl Wieman. Here is my C.V.

What's new?

Selected Papers


  1. Exams disadvantage women in introductory biology, [PDF]
    with Cissy Ballen and Sehoya Cotner

  2. Enhancing diversity in undergraduate science: Self-efficacy drives performance gains with active learning, [PDF]
    with Cissy Ballen, Carl Wieman, Jeremy Searle, and Kelly Zamudio

  3. Understanding biases in science and engineering students’ perceptions of their classmates, [PDF]
    with Natasha Holmes, and Carl Wieman

  4. Demographic gaps or preparation gaps?: The large impact of incoming preparation on performance of students in introductory physics (Accepted in Physical review physics education research journal)
    with Eric Burkholder, Peter Lepage, Steven Pollock, and Carl Wieman

Science and Engineering Teaching

  1. Tools for science inquiry learning: Tool affordances, experimentation strategies, and conceptual understanding, [PDF]
    with Engin Bumbacher, Carl Wieman, and Paulo Blikstein

  2. How to structure an unstructured activity: Generating physics rules from simulation or contrasting cases, [PDF]
    with Martin Kiel, Eric Kuo, and Carl Wieman
    Notable paper award.

  3. Learning environments and inquiry behaviors in science inquiry learning: How their interplay affects the development of conceptual understanding in physics, [PDF]
    with Engin Bumbacher, Miriam Wierzchula, and Carl Wieman


  1. Improving the Replicability of Psychological Science Through Pedagogy, [PDF]
    a collaborative research under supervision of Michael Frank,

  2. The half empty question for socio-cognitive interventions, [PDF]
    With Dan Schwartz, Katherine Cheng, and Carl Wieman