laboratory for integrated nano-quantum systems

Stanford University, Department of Applied Physics, Ginzton Lab


Current members (alumni list can be found here):
Felix M. Mayor (Visiting Masters Student, Physics) Yanni Dahmani (Co-terminal Masters Student, Engineering Physics) Rachel Gruenke (Ph.D. Student, Applied Physics) Kevin Multani (Ph.D. Student, Applied Physics) Jason Herrmann (Ph.D. Student, Applied Physics) Hubert Stokowski (Ph.D. Student, Applied Physics) Agnetta Cleland (Ph.D. Student, Applied Physics) Wentao Jiang (Ph.D. Student, Applied Physics) Zhaoyou Wang (Ph.D. Student, Applied Physics) Tim P. McKenna (Ph.D. Student, Electrical Engineering) Alex Wollack (Ph.D. Student, Physics) Okan Atalar (Ph.D. Student, Electrical Engineering) Nathan Lee (Ph.D. Student, Applied Physics) Jeremy Witmer (Ph.D. Student, Applied Physics) Rishi Patel (Ph.D. Student, Applied Physics) Patricio Arrangoiz-Arriola (Ph.D. Student, Applied Physics) Christopher Sarabalis (Ph.D. Student, Applied Physics) Marek Pechal (Postdoctoral Scientist, Physics) Raphael Van Laer (Postdoctoral Scientist, Physics/EE/Photonics) Amir Safavi-Naeini (Assistant Professor, Applied Physics)

Felix M. Mayor
Visiting Masters Student

Felix received his B.S. in Physics at ETH Zurich and is also currently pursuing an M.S. in Physics there. He joined the group in October 2017 to work on his Master’s thesis. His research focuses on components for phononics, i.e. devices that can manipulate very high frequency sound on a chip.

Email: fmayor@nullstanford

Yanni Dahmani
Co-terminal Masters Student

Yanni majored in Engineering Physics. He is a Master’s in Applied Physics and joined the group in the spring of 2015. Yanni is currently working on mechanical design for saw wave coupling in Silicon-On-Insulator devices. In the past he focused on grating coupler design and speckle pattern vibrometry and interferometry with long-term medical applications. His interests include physics, the universe, music, magnets, surfing, hiking, and nature.

Email: ydahmani@nullstanford

Rachel Gruenke
Ph.D. Student

Rachel received her B.A. in Physics, Math, and Astronomy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2018. She began her PhD in Physics at Stanford the following fall. Rachel joined the group in the spring of 2019 and currently works on superconducting qubits and nanophononic systems.

Email: rgruenke@nullstanford

Kevin Multani
Ph.D. Student

Kevin received his B.Sc. in Engineering Physics at the University of British Columbia in 2018, and was admitted to the Department of Physics at Stanford later that year. He joined LINQS in Spring of 2019, and has been working in quantum electro-optics using nonlinear superconducting circuits to convert microwave-frequency photons to mm-wave frequency photons, towards realizing high bandwidth quantum networks (Quantum WiFi). In addition, he is working on a prototype of a low-cost, high-efficiency medical device that enables a novel method of diagnosing tuberculosis.

Email: kmultani@nullstanford

Jason Herrmann
Ph.D. Student

Jason received his A.B. in physics from Harvard University and joined LINQS as an Applied Physics PhD candidate in the spring of 2019. He is interested in scalable quantum photonics and is currently working on photon-phonon interactions. Outside of research, Jason is a violinist in the Stanford Symphony Orchestra and enjoys playing frisbee.

Email: jfherrm@nullstanford

Hubert Stokowski
Ph.D. Student

Hubert is a Ph.D. student in Applied Physics, he joined the group in 2019. Currently, his research is focused on building microwave-to-mm-wave converters that can distribute entanglement in quantum computer networks. Besides, Hubert is involved in the engineering of on-chip nonlinear processes and quantum light generation using lithium niobate platform.

Email: stoko@nullstanford

Agnetta Cleland
Ph.D. Student

Agnetta received a B.A. in Physics from the University of Chicago in 2017, and began a PhD in Applied Physics at Stanford later that year. She currently works on designing interactions between superconducting circuits and mechanical devices to generate highly entangled quantum states. Agnetta joined LINQS in the winter of 2018.

Email: agnetta@nullstanford

Wentao Jiang
Ph.D. Student

Wentao received his B.S. in Physics at Tsinghua University in 2017, where he worked on graphene quantum dots and transmon qubits. He is now a PhD student in Applied Physics and joined LINQS in fall of 2017. Wentao is interested in hybrid quantum system mixing microwave, light and vibration together, and is focusing on on-chip structure design.

Email: wentao@nullstanford

Zhaoyou Wang
Ph.D. Student

Zhaoyou received his B.S. in physics from Tsinghua University in 2016. He is now a PhD student in Applied Physics and joined the group in the summer of 2017. His current research is focused on understanding the dynamics of quantum nonlinear circuit and their potential application in quantum information science.

Email: zhaoyou@nullstanford

Tim P. McKenna
Ph.D. Student

Tim designs nanoscale systems for quantum technologies. He enjoys waves and particles of all kinds but focuses on light and microwaves. Before joining the group as a PhD candidate in 2016, he worked at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory where he used photonics to solve problems with millimeter-wave systems. Tim holds a B.S. from the University of Pennsylvania and an M.S. from Stanford University.

Email: tmckenna@nullstanford

Alex Wollack
Ph.D. Student

Alex received his A.B. in Physics from Princeton University in 2016, and is now working towards a Ph.D. in Physics at Stanford. He joined the group in the winter of 2017, and is currently focused on coupling superconducting qubits and nanophononic structures.

Email: ewollack@nullstanford

Okan Atalar
Ph.D. Student

Okan received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering at Bilkent University, and started his PhD at Stanford in the summer of 2016. He is currently working with LINQS and ArbabianLab in Electrical Engineering. Okan's research is focused on heterodyne holography and its applications for non-contact thermoacoustic detection of embedded targets.

Email: okan@nullstanford

Nathan Lee
Ph.D. Student

Nathan Lee completed his undergraduate studies in Engineering Physics at UC Berkeley. He is a Ph.D. student in Applied Physics and joined the group in the winter of 2016. He is currently focused on quantum nonlinear circuits operating at milli-Kelvin temperatures.

Email: nlee92@nullstanford

Jeremy Witmer
Ph.D. Student

Jeremy received his B.Sc. in Engineering Physics at the University of British Columbia in 2014, and is now a PhD student in the Department of Applied Physics at Stanford. He joined LINQS in winter of 2015, and has been working on quantum optics within highly intergrated quantum nonlinear circuits.

Email: jwitmer@nullstanford

Rishi Patel
Ph.D. Student

Rishi received his S.B. in Electrical Engineering and Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2014. He started his Ph.D. at Stanford in Applied Physics in fall of 2014. Rishi's research is focused on engineering quantum phenomena in nano-optomechanical structures operating at cryogenic temperatures.

Email: rishipat@nullstanford

Patricio Arrangoiz-Arriola
Ph.D. Student

Patricio received his B.S. in Physics at the California Institute of Technology in 2014, and is now a PhD student in the Department of Applied Physics at Stanford. Patricio's focus is on quantum-nano-mechanics.

Email: parrango@nullstanford

Christopher Sarabalis
Ph.D. Student

Chris received his S.B. in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2014 and began his Ph.D. at Stanford in fall of 2014. Chris's work is focused on understanding how we can control light, sound, and their interactions on the surface chips.

Email: sicamor@nullstanford

Marek Pechal
Postdoctoral Scientist

Marek Pechal completed his PhD work at ETH Zurich on quantum control of microwave frequency photons. He started as a post-doc at LINQS in November 2016, with a focus on hybrid nanophotonic/superconducting systems.

Email: mpechal@nullstanford

Raphael Van Laer
Postdoctoral Scientist

Raphaël Van Laer received a PhD in Photonics at Ghent University-imec in June 2016. He came to Stanford in September 2016, continuing his research on silicon photonics and chip-scale photon-phonon interaction as a postdoc in LINQS at the Ginzton lab.

Email: rvanlaer@nullstanford

Amir Safavi-Naeini
Assistant Professor

Amir recieved his Ph.D. in Applied Physics at the California Institute of Technology in June 2013, working in the group of Oskar Painter. He came to Stanford in September 2014 after a post-doc at ETH Zurich in the group of Andreas Wallraff.

Email: safavi@nullstanford