Ethan Richman



I am a 3rd year in the Stanford University Neurosciences Ph.D. Program; I am co-advised by Liqun Luo and Karl Deisseroth, with support from the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Previously, I worked with Gilad Barnea, where I developed a technique for transsynaptic labeling and manipulation of neural circuits. I graduated from Brown University in 2013 with a degree in Applied Mathematics-Biology, where I focused on synthetic biology, engineering, and machine learning.


My current work in the Luo and Deisseroth labs is focused on neural circuits and technology development.


Talay M*, Richman EB*, Snell NJ, Hartmann GG, Fisher JD, Sorkaç A, Santoyo JF, Chou-Freed C, Nair N, Johnson M, Szymanski J, Barnea G. "Transsynaptic Mapping of Second-Order Taste Neurons in Flies by trans-Tango." Neuron 96, 783–795 (2017) *=equal contribution [pdf | Research Highlight - Nature Methods | Brown news | Providence Journal]
Allen WE*, Kauvar IV*, Chen MZ, Richman EB, Yang SJ, Chan K, Gradinaru V, Deverman BE, Luo L, Deisseroth K. "Global Representations of Goal-Directed Behavior in Distinct Cell Types of Mouse Neocortex." Neuron 94, 891-907 (2017) [pdf]