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Journal Publications

1. Desai, A. D.*, Ozturkler, B. M.*, Sandino, C. M., Vasanawala, S., Hargreaves, B. A., Re, C. M., Pauly, J.M and Chaudhari, A. S. (* equal contribution) Noise2Recon: A Semi-Supervised Framework for Joint MRI Reconstruction and Denoising, preprint, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging (in submission) [Online] Available:, 2021

2. Tokgoz, S., Aydogdu, D., Ilhan, B., Sahin, Y., Bariseri, N., Ozturkler, B.M. and C¸ ukur, T, 2020. Musical mirror-symmetrical movement tasks: comparison of rhythm versus melody-playing. NeuroReport, 31(7), pp.523-529.

Conference Publications and Workshop Proceedings

1. Sahiner, A.*, Ergen, T.*, Ozturkler, B.M., Bartan, B., Pauly, J., Mardani, M. and Pilanci, M. (* equal contribution) Hidden Convexity of Wasserstein GANs: Interpretable Generative Models with Closed-Form Solutions. preprint, ICLR 2022. [Online] Available:

2. Ergen, T.*, Sahiner, A.*, Ozturkler, B. M., Pauly, J. , Mardani, M.,Pilanci, M. (* equal contribution), Demystifying Batch Normalization in ReLU Networks: Equivalent Convex Optimization Models and Implicit Regularization, preprint, ICLR 2022. [Online] Available:

3. Sahiner, A., Ergen, T., Ozturkler, B.M. , Pauly, J., Mardani, M. and Pilanci, M. Unraveling Attention via Convex Duality: Analysis and Interpretations of Vision Transformers (in submission, under double-blind review)

4. Yurt, M.*, Ozturkler, B.M.* , Yesiloglu, R., Pauly, J.M., Setsompop, K., Chaudhari, A.S. Conditional Diffusion Models for Inverse MR Image Recovery, ISBI 2022 (1-page abstract) (* equal contribution)

5. Ozturkler, B. M., Sahiner, A., Ergen, T., Desai, A.D., Sandino, C. M., Vasanawala, S., Pauly, J., Mardani, M., Pilanci, M. Parallel Greedy Learning for Accelerating Cardiac Cine MRI, ISMRM 2022

6. Oscanoa, J. A., Ozturkler, B.M., Iyer, S.S., Li, Z., Pilanci, M., Ennis, D.B., Vasanawala, S. Coil-sketched unrolled networks for computationally-efficient deep MRI reconstruction, ISMRM 2022

7. Beg, H.*,Gunel, B.*,Ozturkler, B.M.*, Sandino, C. M., Pauly, J.M, Vasanawala, S.,Chaudhari, A.S.,Desai, A.D. (* equal contribution) Motion2Recon: A Motion-Robust Semi-Supervised Framework for MR Reconstruction, ISMRM 2022

8. Desai, A.D.*, Gunel, B.*, Ozturkler, B.M., Beg, H., Vasanawala, S., Hargreaves, B.A., R´e, C., Pauly, J.M. and Chaudhari, A.S. (* equal contribution) VORTEX: Physics-Driven Data Augmentations for Consistency Training for Robust Accelerated MRI Reconstruction. preprint MIDL 2022 (in submission). [Online] Available: , 2021

9. Ozturkler, B. M., Sahiner, A., Ergen, T., Desai, A.D., Pauly, J.M., Vasanawala, S., Mardani, M. and Pilanci, M. Greedy Learning for Large-Scale Neural MRI Reconstruction. NeurIPS 2021 Workshop on Deep Learning and Inverse Problems, oral presentation. Available:

10. Ozturkler, B. M.,Sahiner, A., Pilanci, M., Vasanawala, S., Pauly, J., Mardani, M. "Scalable and Interpretable Neural MRI Reconstruction via Layer-Wise Training" ISMRM 2021

11. Desai, A.*, Ozturkler, B. M.*, Sandino, C. S., Hargreaves, B., Pauly, J.*, Chaudhari, A.* (* equal contribution), "Noise2Recon: A Semi-Supervised Framework for Joint MRI Reconstruction and Denoising using Limited Data" ISMRM 2021. Magna Cum Laude (Awarded to top 15% of all works)e

12. Sahiner, A., Mardani, M., Ozturkler, B. M., Pilanci, M., Pauly, J. "Convex Regularization Behind Neural Reconstruction", ICLR 2021. Available:

13. Rau, R., Ozkan, E., Ozturkler, B. M., Gastli, L., Goksel, O., "Displacement Estimation Methods for Speed-of-Sound Imaging in Pulse-Echo," 2020 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS), Las Vegas, NV, USA, 2020, pp. 1-4, doi: 10.1109/IUS46767.2020.9251781.