Johanna Nelson Weker

Selection of recent publications:

J. Nelson Weker, N. Liu, S. Misra, J. C. Andrews, Y. Cui, and M. F. Toney, “In situ nanotomography and operando transmission x-ray microscopy of micron-sized Ge particles”, Energy & Environmental Science 7, 2771 (2014).

J. Nelson, Y. Yang, S. Misra, J. C. Andrews, Y. Cui, and M. F. Toney, “Identifying and managing radiation damage during in situ transmission X-ray microscopy of Li-ion batteries”, X-ray Nanoimaging: Instruments and Methods Proc. of SPIE 8851, 88510B (2013).

J. Nelson, S. Misra, Y. Yuan, A. Jackson, Y. Liu, H. Wang, H. Dai, J. C. Andrews, Y. Cui and M. F. Toney, “In operando

X-ray diffraction and transmission X-ray microscopy of lithium sulfur batteries”, JACS 134 (14), 6337 (2012).

S. Misra, N. Liu, J. Nelson, S. S. Hong, Y. Cui and M. F. Toney, “In situ X-ray diffraction studies of (de)lithiation mechanism in silicon nanowire anodes”, ACS Nano 6 (6), 5465, (2012).

  1. J.Nelson, X. Huang, J. Steinbrener, D. Shapiro, J. Kirz, A. Nieman, J. J. Turner and C. Jacobsen, “High resolution

X-ray diffraction microscopy of specifically labeled yeast cells”, PNAS 107 (16), (2010).

X. Huang, J. Nelson, J. Kirz, E. Lima, S. Marchesini, H. Miao, A.M. Neiman, D. Shapiro, J. Steinbrener, A. Stewart, J.J. Turner and C. Jacobsen, “Soft X-ray diffraction microscopy of a frozen hydrated yeast cell”, PRL 103 (19), (2009).

Associate Staff Scientist

Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource

SLAC Accelerator Laboratory

2575 Sand Hill Rd. MS 69

Menlo Park, CA 94025              


photo by Matt Beardsley

photo by Matt Beardsley

Research topics

  1. -in situ X-ray microscopy

  2. -coherent diffractive imaging & ptychography

  3. -in situ X-ray diffraction

  4. -in situ X-ray absorption spectroscopy

  5. -Energy storage materials, Li-ion batteries

In Situ X-ray Microscopy of Ge Battery
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