Andrea Montanari


Department of Electrical Engineering and
Department of Statistics,
Stanford University


Packard 272, Stanford, CA 94304
Tel: (650) 736-7422
Fax: (650) 723-8473

Some representative papers

Z. Fan, S. Mei, A. Montanari, TAP free energy, spin glasses, and variational inference, 2018

S. Mei, A. Montanari, P.-M. Nguyen, A Mean Field View of the Landscape of Two-Layers Neural Networks, 2018

E. Abbe, L. Massoulie, A. Montanari, A. Sly, N. Srivastava, Group Synchronization on Grids, 2017

H Javadi, A Montanari, Non-negative Matrix Factorization via Archetypal Analysis, 2017

S. Mei, Y. Bai and A. Montanari, The landscape of empirical risk for non-convex losses, 2017

A. Montanari and N. Sun, Spectral algorithms for tensor completion, 2016

A. Javanmard and A. Montanari, Online Rules for Control of False Discovery Rate and False Discovery Exceedance, 2015

A. Javanmard, A. Montanari, and F. Ricci-Tersenghi, Phase Transitions in Semidefinite Relaxations, (Including Supplementary Information), 2015 (code)

A. Montanari and S.Sen Semidefinite Programs on Sparse Random Graphs and their Application to Community Detection, 2015

A. Dembo, A. Montanari, S. Sen, Extremal Cuts of Sparse Random Graphs, 2015

A. Javanmard and A. Montanari, Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing for High-Dimensional Regression, 2013 (code)

Y. Deshpande and A. Montanari, Finding Hidden Cliques of Size sqrt{N/e} in Nearly Linear Time, 2013

A. Montanari and A. Saberi, The Spread of Innovations in Social Networks, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 2010 (conference version FOCS 2009)

D.L. Donoho, A. Maleki, and A. Montanari. Message passing algorithms for compressed sensing, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 2009