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I joined the Environmental Assessment & Optimization Group in Feb 2014. I am working on a project developing a standardized methodology for calculating net energy metrics funded by the Institute of Integrated Economic Research. Before this, I was with GCEP as a Post-doctoral Researcher.

Prior to this I undertook my Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering with the Advanced Energy and Material Systems (AEMS) Laboratory at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. My doctoral thesis was Global Energy Modelling - A Biophysical Approach (GEMBA) which married net energy analysis with systems dynamic modelling to study the interaction of the global economy with the energy sector. I carried out a number of community-based energy-related projects whilst in New Zealand. I was especially involved with Transition initiatives: local groups seeking innovative ways to address the twin challenges of Peak Oil and Climate Change. I also hold a Masters Degree in Physics and Philosophy from the University of Bristol, UK.

Here is a copy of my CV.