Melanie Morten

Assistant Professor, Economics Department, Stanford University

Working Papers

Allen, T., Dobbin, C. & Morten, M. (2019). Border Walls. Nontechnical summary

NBER Working Paper 25267

Media coverage: The Economist; The Washington Post; CNN; NPR's The Indicator (podcast); VoxEU; Quartz; Bloomberg; Politico ; SIEPR;  Development Impact

Morten, M. & Oliveira, J. (2018). The Effects of Roads on Trade and Migration: Evidence from a Planned Capital City.

NBER Working Paper 22158


Bryan, G. & Morten, M. The Aggregate Productivity Effects of Internal Migration: Evidence from Indonesia.

Forthcoming, Journal of Political Economy

Morten, M. (2019). Temporary Migration and Endogenous Risk Sharing in Village India.

Journal of Political Economy, 127(1), 1-46. (Lead Article)

Karlan, D., Morten, M. & Zinman, J. (2016). A Personal Touch in Text Messaging can Improve Microloan Repayment.  

Behavioral Science and Policy, 1(2), 25-31.

Bollard, A., McKenzie, D., Morten, & M., Rapoport, H. (2011). Remittances and the Brain Drain Revisited: The Microdata Show That More Educated Migrants Remit More.

World Bank Economic Review, 25(1), 132-156.  

Bollard, A., McKenzie, D., & Morten, M. (2010). The Remitting Patterns of African Migrants in the OECD.

Journal of African Economics, 19(5), 605-634.


Internal Migration in Africa (2015). CSAE Plenary Session.

Selected Work-in-Progress

Meghir, C., Mobarak, M., Mommaerts, C., & Morten, M. Seasonal Migration and Risk Sharing in Bangladesh.

Projects in the Field

Balboni, C., Bryan, G., Morten, M., & Siddiqi, B. Evaluating the Dar es Salaam BRT system.

Status: Endline underway (February 2019)

Chandrasekhar, A., Morten, M., & Peter, A. Experimental Constraints to Risk Sharing.

Status: Pilot underway (February 2019)

Byran, G., Chaudhury, S., Mobarak, M. & Morten, M. Seasonal Migration in Indonesia.

Status: Pilot complete (January 2018)

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