Stanford University, California

Graduate Student

Biomedical Informatics

September 2014 onwards
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur

Bachelor (B.Tech. Honours) and Master (M.Tech.) of Technology

Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering

July 2007 - May 2012


Center for Biomedical Informatics Research, Stanford University, California

Graduate Research Assistant

September 2014 - December 2018
  • Developed methods that facilitate retrieval and exploration of data and knowledge from multiple, heterogeneous sources, through federated querying for use cases in pharmacovigilance.
  • Analyzed how users explore, query and reuse concept terms in biomedical ontologies, and developed visualization tools to summarize interaction patterns.
  • Collaborated with Samsung Research to develop an application for the passive monitoring of moods and emotions using the Samsung Galaxy 2 smart watch wearables.
  • Developed the Ebola Virus knowledgebase and visualization dashboard by aggregating data on genes, proteins, domains, ligands, pathways and publications.
Insight Centre of Data Analytics, National University of Ireland, Galway
Digital Enterprise Research Insitute (DERI)

Linked Data Researcher

June 2012 - June 2014
  • Contributed to the Ireland Open Data Initiative through a comprehensive data audit of open datasets published on the websites of Irish public sector bodies and the development of the Data.Gov.IE platform for facilitating search and access of these datasets.
  • Involved in Linked Cancer Genome Atlas project to develop a visual analytics platform that integrates GWAS, pathways and publications knowledge with the genomic and clinical datasets of cancer patients and visualizes them against the human genome.
  • Involved in the European FP7 grant-funded Granatum Project to develop a user-driven, interactive platform, which enables researchers to search across several biomedical data sources simultaneously, in real-time, and design in silico experiments for cancer chemoprevention.
Google Summer of Code, California

Summer of Code Student

May - September 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Contributed to Genome Informatics - Reactome Project for two terms (2011-12), to develop a set of HTML5 Canvas-based applications, for the aggregative visualization and interactive knowledge exploration of the Reactome Pathway Datasets.
  • Contributed to Drupal, an open source content management platform, to extend HTML5 Support for the Forms and Media Modules and integrate the RGraph Library, as an independent module to allow content publishers visualize statistical data.


Web Developer, Goggles Optional, Stanford University
March 2015 - current
Technical Reviewer, WebGL Game Development Book, Packt Publishing
November 2013 - February 2014
Technology Head, Meghnad Saha Hall of Residence, IIT Kharagpur
2010 - 2012
Vice President, Association of Biotechnologists, IIT Kharagpur
2010 - 2011
ACM-ICPC Regional Programming Contest 'Overnite' Coordinator, IIT Kharagpur
January 2010
Web Team Developer, Kshitij - The Annual Techno-Management Symposium, IIT Kharagpur
2008 - 2010