Lee White, PhD

I am a resident in the Stanford University Department of Urology. This website describes my interests and includes a list of my publications and projects. I completed my doctoral research on training and evaluation of robotic surgical techniques with the Biorobotics Lab at the University of Washington in Spring 2013. I am a co-founder of C-SATS, Inc., a surgical performance assessment company that uses expert reviews and the wisdom of the crowd to train surgeons and medical practitioners. I am interested in surgical techniques and technology including methods to enhance human skill with machine capabilities (robotic surgery and artificial intelligence). 

Current Research

Surgical robotics and surgical training

C-SATS, Inc. - Crowd-Sourced Assessment of Technical Skills

Surgical training partnership with Tikur Anbessa Hospital


Stanford University Department of Urology- Stanford, CA

Stanford University School of Medicine - Stanford, CA

University of Washington - Seattle, WA

Tulane University - New Orleans, LA

Publications, Talks and Patents

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Crowd-Sourced Assessment of Technical Skill (C-SATS)

Fast and low-cost assessment of technical skill performance for technical surgical skills using a video of the performance and an anonymous crowd on the internet.

Cricothyrotomy simulator for the developing world

The Biorobotics Lab has developed a simulator for teaching the cricothyrotomy proecdure. The simulator connects to a computer or smart phone and records the time of contact between surgical tools and the neck model. The simulator is intended to be an ultra-low-cost yet sophisticated skill trainer aimed at airway management in the prehospital setting in developing countries.

SurgTRAK: robotic surgical tool tracking for the da Vinci surgical robot

Operating room compatible motion and video tracking for robotic surgical tools including the da Vinci surgical robot.

Flexible endoscope for the Raven surgical robot

Qatar University, supported by the Biorobotics Lab, has developed a flexible endoscope to augment the surgeon's view of the operative field.

EDGE: Electronic Data Generation for Evaluation

The Biorobotics Laboratory developed a system for tracking tool movements in laparoscopic surgery. Simulab Corporation of Seattle, WA licensed the technology to build EDGE. In 2011 the final product was released and is currently being used by trainin centers in the US an abroad.

Robotic tendon force transducer for brain-controlled robotic hands

In-line tendon tension measuring device for the anatomically correct testbed (ACT) hand.

Optical neurostimulator for developing controlled neuronal networks in culture

Touch-screen communication and entertainment device for disabled individuals


Raven Robot featured in Ender's Game

From left: Hawkeye King, Gavin Hood, Harrison Ford, Joan Pranksi and Lee White on the set of Ender's Game.



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