Kostas Kollias

I am a fifth year Management Science and Engineering PhD student advised by Tim Roughgarden.

My office is in #460 at 353 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305. My email address is kkollias@stanford.edu.


S. Gollapudi, K. Kollias, and D. Panigrahi. Incentive-aware group formation. Submitted. [link]

S. Gollapudi, K. Kollias, and D. Panigrahi. Group formation with coverage welfare functions. Submitted. [link]

V. Gkatzelis, K. Kollias, and T. Roughgarden. Optimal cost-sharing in general resource selection games. WINE'14/Submitted. [link]

K. Kollias and T. Roughgarden. Restoring pure equilibria to weighted congestion games. ICALP'11/ACM TEAC (conditional acceptance). [link]

R. Bhattacharjee, A. Goel, and K. Kollias. An incentive-based architecture for social recommendations. ACM RecSys'09. [link]

V. Verroios, K. Kollias, P. K. Chrysanthis, and A. Delis. Adaptive navigation of vehicles in congested road networks. ICPS'08. [link]

K. Kollias. Nonpreemptive coordination mechanisms for identical machines. SIROCCO'08/TOCS'13. [link]