Kostas Kollias

I am a fifth year PhD student advised by Tim Roughgarden and affiliated with the Operations Research and Theoretical Computer Science groups at Stanford University.

My office is in #460 at 353 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305. My email address is kkollias@stanford.edu.

I am a co-organizer of the RAIN seminar. Come and check out the wonderful talks (and lunch)!

Thesis Topic

Cost-sharing in networks games

Submitted and Working Papers

S. Gollapudi, K. Kollias, J. Kulkarni, K. Munagala, and B. Sivan. Stability and Welfare Guarantees in Group Formation.

S. Gollapudi, K. Kollias, and D. Panigrahi. Group Formation with Coverage Utility Functions.

Published Papers

V. Gkatzelis, K. Kollias, and T. Roughgarden. Optimal cost-sharing in weighted congestion games. WINE '14 [link].

K. Kollias and T. Roughgarden. Restoring pure equilibria to weighted congestion games. ICALP '11 [link].

R. Bhattacharjee, A. Goel, and K. Kollias. An incentive-based architecture for social recommendations. ACM RecSys '09 [link].

V. Verroios, K. Kollias, P. K. Chrysanthis, and A. Delis. Adaptive navigation of vehicles in congested road networks. ICPS '08 [link].

K. Kollias. Nonpreemptive coordination mechanisms for identical machine scheduling games. SIROCCO '08/TOCS '13. [link]