Kostas Kollias

About Me

I'm a PhD student in MS&E at Stanford University, where I'm glad and honored to have Tim Roughgarden as my advisor.

My graduation is expected in Spring '15. Here's my academic CV and research statement.

I co-organize the RAIN seminar. Come and check out the wonderful talks (and lunch)!

In Summer '14 I was a research intern at Microsoft Research Silicon Valley hosted by Sreenivas Gollapudi.

Publications and Work in Progress

S. Gollapudi, K. Kollias, and D. Panigrahi. Incentive-aware group formation. Submitted.

S. Gollapudi, K. Kollias, and D. Panigrahi. Group formation with coverage welfare functions. Submitted.

V. Gkatzelis, K. Kollias, and T. Roughgarden. Optimal cost-sharing in general resource selection games. WINE '14/Submitted.

K. Kollias and T. Roughgarden. Restoring pure equilibria to weighted congestion games. ICALP '11/ACM TEAC (conditional acceptance).

R. Bhattacharjee, A. Goel, and K. Kollias. An incentive-based architecture for social recommendations. ACM RecSys '09.

V. Verroios, K. Kollias, P. K. Chrysanthis, and A. Delis. Adaptive navigation of vehicles in congested road networks. ICPS '08.

K. Kollias. Nonpreemptive coordination mechanisms for identical machines. SIROCCO '08/TOCS '13.