Research Focus
I am interested in building advanced photonic systems that create yet-to-be conceived functionalities at the intersection of photonics, microelectronics, and `non-classical' light. My work spans across all levels of the system stack: from fundamental device-level research with nanofabrication and quantum nonlinear optics, all the way to creating the most advanced hardware demonstrations with photonic inverse design.

- Device engineering & nano-fabrication
- Soliton physics & Quantum Optics
- System-level demonstration

  • Demonstration of chip-scale optical atomic clock architecture (DARPA ACES collaboration)- Optica (2019).

  • Demonstration of a chip-based optical frequency synthesizer (DARPA DODOS collaboration)- Nature (2018).
- Silicon Photonics & Photonic inverse design - Optical interconnect, LiDAR, particle accelerator