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Lie Theory Workshop on Quantum Groups

Stanford University, Winter 2012

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The Winter 2012 workshop in the program "Lie Groups, Lie Algebras and Their Representations" will take place on the campus of Stanford University, on Feb 4 and 5, 2012. The local organizers are: Daniel Bump, Apoorva Khare, and Anne Schilling.

The workshops "Lie Groups, Lie Algebras and their Representations" meet (mostly) at various western United States campuses for one weekend every few months during the academic year. They are supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

The purpose of the program is to communicate results and ideas rather than to deliver polished presentations. The program also serves to acquaint graduate students in this area with a range of researchers in Lie theory and representation theory.

There is no registration fee for the workshop. Support is available for graduate students and postdocs. Please write to one of the local organizers for details.


Arkady Berenstein (University of Oregon)
Ben Brubaker (MIT)
Ken Goodearl (UC Santa Barbara)
Jacob Greenstein (UC Riverside)
Alexander Kleshchev (University of Oregon)
Greg Kuperberg (UC Davis)
Peter McNamara (Stanford)
Monica Vazirani (UC Davis)

The talks are currently planned to take place on Saturday (Feb 4) from 10:15 AM to 4:50 PM, and on Sunday (Feb 5) from 10:15 AM to 1:05 PM. The timings are arranged so that participants can take the first Stanford SE Line shuttle from the Palo Alto CalTrain station. This is very close to the Cardinal Hotel.


The Department of Mathematics is located in Building 380 (Sloan). The lectures will take place in Room 380C.

The nearest airports are San Francisco (SFO) and San Jose (SJC). (Both are about the same distance from Stanford.)

A typical shuttle from SFO or SJC to either of the two hotels is $26 or $27 each way - although if two conference participants travel together, then Super Shuttle charges $9 or $10 for the additional guest. Shuttles should be booked in advance. Here is some information on shuttles from San Francisco Airport to Palo Alto. (See also the websites of the respective airports; links are above.) A taxi would cost about $60.

Another option for people who are not driving is public transport. The hotels mentioned below are located close to Caltrain stations: the Cardinal Hotel is at the Palo Alto stop, and Hotel California is at the California Avenue stop. The following link also provides more information on public transport options from San Francisco airport.

If you are planning to drive, parking is free on the weekend at the Stanford Campus Oval, which is the closest parking space next to the Mathematics Department. For more on parking, check here.


Hotel California and Cardinal Hotel are located close to the campus and offer a Stanford Conference rate. (Additional information is below.)

Other hotels are located within driving distance. For example, see here.

Hotel California:
(2431 Ash St, Palo Alto, CA 94306; 2.3 miles driving to Stanford Campus Oval; California Avenue Caltrain station)

To book a room, call 650-322-7666 (extension 5 for the Front Desk) and use the phrase Jasmine Basco from Stanford Mathematics and Lie Theory Conference in February 2012 to avail of the conference rates.

Here are a few details about this hotel.
  • The rate for a single occupancy room is $85 per night (plus tax) - but make sure to ask for the discount rate while speaking with the Front Desk.
  • Wireless and breakfast are both free of charge.
  • Parking is available (free) with a permit that can be picked up at the Front Desk while checking in. It is 2.3 miles from Campus and only limited rooms are available.

Cardinal Hotel:
(235 Hamilton Avenue Palo Alto, CA 94301; 1.3 miles driving to Stanford Campus Oval; Palo Alto Caltrain station)
The Stanford SE Line shuttle leaves from the Palo Alto Caltrain station, which is very close to the Cardinal Hotel - and drops people off very close to the Mathematics Department. Return shuttles back to the hotel are also available over the weekend.

To book a room, call 650-323-5101 and use the phrase Jasmine Basco from Stanford Mathematics and Lie Theory Conference in February 2012 to avail of the conference rates. Alternatively, click here to book a room online at the Cardinal Hotel. Attention: Conference rates are only available at the Cardinal Hotel until January 9, 2012.

A few details: first, there are two kinds of rooms:
  • Rooms containing their own bathroom either have one Queen bed or (limited availability) two Twin beds. The conference rate is $125 per night (plus tax).
  • The other type of room has one Queen bed as well as a washbasin in the room. The bathrooms etc. are shared, down the corridor. Rate is $70 per night (plus tax).
A couple of additional points:
  • Wireless and breakfast are both available for a small charge each.
  • Weekend parking is available (free) in nearby garages within a block or two. It is 1.3 miles from Campus (straight down Palm Drive).
For more details, speak with the Hotel Front Desk.


We have some limited funds to reimburse participants. We will be to be able to reimburse the speakers, after which priority will be given to non-local graduate students, then postdocs. If you are a graduate student seeking reimbursement, please give us a letter of recommendation from your advisor.

Please keep all your receipts from the hotels, cabs/shuttles, and flight boarding passes or gas station bills. We will explain at the Lie Theory Workshop about reimbursements, as well as distribute the necessary forms. Participants are then required to collect their own bills and send them back together with the completed forms. More details at the Workshop.

Contact the organizers: bump at math dot stanford dot edu.

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