Introduction to Cognitive Science
Spring 2005

Dan Jurafsky, (Office hours by appointment)
Daniel Richardson, (Office hours by appointment)
Heesoo Kim, hours: Tuesdays 12-1, 460-040A)
Adam November, (Office hours: Mondays, 12-1pm, 420-336)
David Oshima, (Office hours: Wednesday 1-2, 460-040B)
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 - 11.30am

Tuesday 2:15-3:05, Location 160-315 (Adam)
Tuesday 4:15-5:05, Location 320-221 (Heesoo)
Wednesday 2:15-3:05, Location 160-323 (David)

Required Work
  • Section participation - including one week leading a class discussion (15%)
  • Questions and comments regarding lectures and readings, emailed once weekly to your TA (15%)
  • Bi-weekly assignments (30%)
  • Final - short essay answers and multiple choice (40%) - scheduled for Friday, June 3rd at 3:30pm


Topic and Readings
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Assignments & Section Notes
Mar 29

Introduction to the Course
The Turing test

(download slides as pdf or movie *)

Week 1:
No section
Mar 31

The Computational Model of the Mind
(download slides as pdf or ppt)

April 5

The Computational Model of the Mind (II)
(download slides as pdf or movie *)

Week 2:
Assignment 1 due, 10am April 7th.

Section PPT slides

April 7
John Perry

Philosophy of Mind
(download slides as pdf)

April 12

Bridging Mind and Brain
(download slides as pdf)

Week 3:
April 14
Lera Boroditsky

Language and Thought
(download slides as pdf)

April 19
Brian Wandell

Vision and color perception

  • No readings
Week 4:
Assignment 2 due April 21st, 10am
April 21

Perceptual Illusions
(download slides as pdf or movie *)

April 26
William Newsome

Neuroscience of Awareness
(download slides as pdf or movie *)

Week 5:
April 28

The Goal of Perception
(download slides as pdf or movie *)

  • Churchland, P., Ramachandran, V.S., & Sejnowski, T.J (1994) A Critique of Pure Vision , In Large-Scale Neuronal Theories of the Brain, C. Koch &J. C. Davis, MIT Press.
  • For the purposes of discussion, please read this paper AFTER the lecture: Simons & Levin (1997) Change Blindness, Trends in Cognitive Science
May 3

Active Vision and Artificial Life
(download slides as pdf)

Week 6:
Assignment 3 due May 5th, 10am
May 5

Language Processing
(download slides as ppt, pdf, or 6up pdf)

May 10


Week 7:
May 12
DJ   Conversation
(download slides as ppt, pdf, or 6up pdf)
  • Grice, H. Paul.  (1975).  Logic and Conversation. In Peter Cole and Jerry L. Morgan (eds.)  Syntax and Semantics Volume 3: Speech Acts. Academic Press.  41-58
  • Clark H. (1994). Discourse in Production. In Gernsbacher, M. A. (Eds.) Handbook of Psycholinguistics, Academic Press, 985-1021.
May 17

Reasoning and Decision Making
(download slides as ppt, pdf, or 6up pdf)

Week 8:
Assignment 4 due May 19, 10am
May 19
Natasha Kirkham

Cognitive Development
(download slides as pdf)

May 24

Machine Learning and Neural Networks
(download slides as ppt, pdf, or 6up pdf)

Week 9:

May 26
DJ Nativism vs. Empiricism and Language Learning
(download slides as ppt, pdf, or 6up pdf)
May 31
DCR The Evolution of the Mind
(download slides as pdf or movie *)  
Week 10:
Assignment 5: the exercises in this chapter due May 31st, 10am
June 3rd, 3:30pm  

Download a review sheet that lists the topics that will be covered in the exam
Download some sample questions
The final will consist of 16 multiple choice questions and four short essay questions (from a choice of six).


* the lectures are available as interactive quicktime movies with audio and video. Click on the movie or use the cursor keys to advance through the slides.