Assignment 5: Glyph Editor

Jack Reidy

Hi! Thanks for visiting my showcase page.

Are you curious to see a functioning glyph editor? Of course you are. Let's walk through the process of creating a multi-contour glyph:

A contour is automatically created when the application opens. In the above image we see that our user has traced the first element of the character. Wow! Let's trace the outline of the next element.

Oops! Silly user, you'll need to add a new contour before tracing. Delete the errant node by selecting the point and pressing 'd'.

Excellent! Our user is getting the hang of things. He's defined a rough outline of the second contour using on and off contour nodes. Let's see if he can adjust the contour using the tangency tool.

Oh my! Very impressive. This is a complete contour if I've ever seen one! At this point, we can save for later viewing.

Hey, let's take a look at the glyph without the background image.

Ahhhhh! Beautiful, but I think for our purposes we need to bring the elements closer together. Our user can move entire contours by toggling 'w'.

The ecstasy! This is just what we're looking for. Let's override the last save with this one.

Phew! This has been exciting. If you have further questions about this application's other functionality, email me at I hope you've enjoyed this tour as much as I have. Buh-bye!