Last updated September 21, 2015

James L. (Jay) McClelland

A PDP Approach to Mathematical Cognition
Heineken Prize Lecture at Cognitive Science, 2015

This folder contains a screencast of my lecture on a PDP Approach to Mathematical Cognition, recorded subsequent to the actual lecture. The presentation is divided into thee parts. The first presents my motivations for pursuing the approach and my perspective on the nature of mathematics. The second describes my approach to the nature of knowledge and learning based on the PDP framework, and discusses findings in the literature on mathematical cognition supporting the argument that the PDP approach may provide a useful framework for understanding how we learn mathematics. The third describes a furture-directed research plan that we are pursuing in my lab aimed at developing a simulated, neural network-based agent that learns mathematics well enough to pass the New York State Regents exam in High-School Geometry.

Links to these files are below.
Part 1 (17 min/193 mb).
Part 2 (35 min/378 mb).
Part 3 (30 min/351 mb).

Here is a link to a pdf of the power-point presentation:
Presentation PDF (1.3 mb)