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Jeff C. Ho

Jeff C. Ho


Second Floor, Department of Global Ecology
Carnegie Institution For Science
260 Panama Street
Stanford, CA, USA 94305

Recent News

January 2014

Jeff published a review article in the Journal of Great Lakes Research. The article, entitled "Challenges in tracking harmful algal blooms: A synthesis of evidence from Lake Erie", reviews the state of the science on identifying harmful algal blooms in the literature. The review finds that consensus on harmful algal blooms is lacking, raising questions about the evidence base used to develop predictions of future bloom occurrence. The press release for the paper can be found here. This is Jeff's second first-author paper.

Fig. 1 from the review article (Ho & Michalak, 2015)
Metrics reported in the literature for monitoring harmful algal blooms in Lake Erie, categorized by their linkage to harm to human and/or ecosystem health.