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Jeff C. Ho

Jeff C. Ho


Second Floor, Department of Global Ecology
Carnegie Institution For Science
260 Panama Street
Stanford, CA, USA 94305

Recent News

October 2017

Jeff contributed to a New York Times article about the algal blooms in Lake Erie this year. The article, "Miles of Algae Covering Lake Erie", combines aerial photography and satellite imagery to visualize the vast expanse of the blooms. Jeff contributed data from a paper earlier this year along with Michalak lab colleague Eva Sinha to provide a historical perspective of how blooms and nutrient inputs are changing:

Combined Figures 1 and 2 from the paper (Ho & Michalak, 2017)
Statistical model predictions compared to historical bloom size from multiple sources for Lake Erie. The statistical model (sum of blue and orange regions) based on springtime (April to July Dissolved Reactive Phosphorus) and long-term (9-year Cumulative Dissolved Reactive Phosphorus) phosphorus explains 75% of the variability of the bloom measurements (green and grey bars). For more information, see figure captions in paper.