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Jeff C. Ho

Jeff C. Ho


Second Floor, Department of Global Ecology
Carnegie Institution For Science
260 Panama Street
Stanford, CA, USA 94305

Recent News

January 2017

Jeff published a a paper from his dissertation in Remote Sensing of Environment. The article, entitled "Using Landsat to extend the historical record of lacustrine phytoplankton blooms: A Lake Erie case study", confirms the potential for using historical satellite data for generating historical observations of algal blooms. This is important because in situ observations of algal blooms tend to be sparse, and observations made via modern satellites only go back so far. The paper signals a significant leap forward in being able to understand the patterns and drivers of blooms in such systems, and the approach has the potential to be scaled beyond Lake Erie. This is Jeff's third first-author paper.

Fig. 5 from the paper (Ho, Stumpf, Bridgeman, & Michalak, 2017)
New historical record of bloom size for Lake Erie generated from Landsat to supplement existing records from MODIS. This new long-term record of historical blooms more than doubles the period of record that can be used to understand bloom occurrence and growth for this system. For more information, see figure caption in paper.