See here for links to some papers (to be updated shortly).

Some upcoming talks:
  • Stanford Slavic Colloquium, November 10
  • Tsinghua Logic Salon, November 27
  • Berkeley Logic Colloquium, December 3
  • Moscow Logic Seminar, December 6
  • NeurIPS Workshop on Causal Inference & Machine Learning, December 13


  • Mathematical Logic (Phil150/250)
  • Levels of Analysis (Phil366/Psych296), with Noah Goodman
  • Winter:
  • Metalogic (Phil151/251)
  • Randomness (CS57N/Phil3N), with Mary Wootters
  • Summer (ESSLLI Summer School):
  • Causal Models in Linguistics, Philosophy, and Psychology, with Dan Lassiter
  • Logic and Probability, with Krzysztof Mierzewski

  • Together with Wesley Holliday, we continue to organize the Berkeley-Stanford Circle in Logic and Philosophy (see also this page).


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