Ian Benson

Research Scholar (2010-15)
Computer Science, Stanford University 
Gates Computer Science
Stanford CA 94305-9035
Phone (650) 323-6630
Web tizard.stanford.edu
Email ian dot benson at cs.stanford.edu

Professional Interests 

Dr Benson's focus is the use of the internet as a platform for the collaborative design and governance of open computer systems with an emphasis on their theoretical foundations, and conceptual, specification and implementation models. He conducts outreach research in early algebraization with the tizard network of schools in Europe and the United States.

Benson co-founded SRI Cambridge Computer Science Center (1985), Sybase (formerly OASiS) Laboratory for Business Design (1991) and Sociality Mathematics CIC (2011).



Dr Benson is married to Glenwyn Benson. They have 2 children: Naomi and David.

Information last updated 16 October 2015