Vera Gribanova

The projects below are at varying stages of development. Comments are always appreciated.

Head movement, ellipsis, and identity.
Versions of this work have been presented at FDSL 12, MIT, and LUCL. Please email me for the most recent version of the paper.

2018. With Boris Harizanov. Whither head movement?
Natural Language and Linguistic Theory. [doi: 10.1007/s11049-018-9420-5]

2018. With Line Mikkelsen. On the interaction of head movement and ellipsis in Danish. In A Reasonable Way to Proceed: Essays in Honor of Jim McCloskey, Jason Merchant, Line Mikkelsen, Deniz Rudin and Kelsey Sasaki (eds.). 105-124. UC eScholarship Repository.

In preparation. Person sensitivity in Uzbek copular clause agreement.
Email me for a copy. Some of the collected data is archived here.

Forthcoming. With Bonnie Krejci and Boris Harizanov.
AGREE-dependent A-movement and low copy pronunciation in Russian.
Presented at Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics 25, Cornell University.

2017. Roots in ellipsis and multidominance. In Asking the Right Questions: Essays in Honor of Sandra Chung, Jason Ostrove, Ruth Kramer, and Joseph Sabbagh (eds.). 1-16. UC eScholarship Repository.

2017. Head movement and ellipsis in the expression of Russian polarity focus.
Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 35(4): 1079-1121. [doi: 10.1007/s11049-017-9361-4]

2017. With Boris Harizanov. Post-syntactic head movement in Russian predicate fronting. Presented at the 91st Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America (LSA 91).

2017. With Boris Harizanov. Locality and directionality in inward-sensitive allomorphy: Russian and Bulgarian. In The morphosyntax-phonology connection: locality and directionality, Vera Gribanova and Stephanie Shih (eds.). Oxford University Press.

2016. With Emily Manetta.
Ellipsis in wh-in-situ languages: deriving apparent sluicing in Hindi-Urdu and Uzbek.
Linguistic Inquiry 47(4): 631-668. [doi:10.1162/LING_a_00225]

2015. Exponence and morphosyntactically triggered phonological processes in the Russian verbal complex. [pre-publication version] Journal of Linguistics. [doi:10.1017/S0022226714000553]

2015. With Lev Blumenfeld. Russian prepositions and prefixes: Unifying prosody and syntax.
Proceedings of CLS 49.

2015. With Boris Harizanov. How Across-the-Board movement interacts with nominal concord in Bulgarian. Proceedings of CLS 49.

2014. With Boris Harizanov. Inward-sensitive contextual allomorphy and its conditioning factors. Proceedings of NELS 43.

2013. Copular clauses, clefts, and putative sluicing in Uzbek. Language 89(4): 830-882.[doi:10.1353/lan.2013.0074]; some of the collected data is archived here.

2013. A new argument for verb-stranding verb phrase ellipsis. Linguistic Inquiry 44(1): 145-157. [doi:10.1162/LING_a_00122]

2013. [pre-publication version] Two kinds of it-clefts: evidence from Uzbek. Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics (WAFL8). MITWPL 67. 103-114.

2013. Verb-stranding verb phrase ellipsis and the structure of the Russian verbal complex.
Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 31(1): 91-136. [doi:10.1007/s11049-012-9183-3]

2011. With Boris Harizanov. The role of morphological and phonological factors in Bulgarian allomorph selection. In Nick LaCara, Anie Thompson, and Matt A. Tucker (eds.) Morphology at Santa Cruz: Papers in honor of Jorge Hankamer, pp. 31-40. Santa Cruz, CA: LRC Publications.

2009. Phonological evidence for a distinction between Russian prepositions and prefixes. Workshop on Slavic Phonology at FDSL 7. Presented in December 2007; published in 2009.

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2008. Russian prefixes, prepositions and palatalization in Stratal OT. WCCFL 26.

2006. With Ascander Dost. Definiteness marking in the Bulgarian. WCCFL 25.