Grant Kinsler

I'm interested in questions in evolutionary biology and how we can leverage mathematics and experimental evolution to better understand adaptation and the process of evolution.

For a current and complete list of publications, see my Google Scholar profile.

1 Big Batch

Currently, I'm using DNA barcoding to measure the fitness of evolved yeast mutants across subtle environmental changes to:
(1) understand the environmental-dependency of fitness effects and
(2) uncover the phenotypes important to adaptation.
This project is ongoing, and we're live-tweeting our experiments! Follow along at #1BigBatch.
In collaboration with Kerry Geiler-Samerotte and Dmitri Petrov.

Motif Project

My undergraduate research primarily focused on a model of "prelife" in which a particular RNA sequence biases the concentration of monomers in its own compartment.
We found that selection-like dynamics emerged from this system, even in the absence of template-directed RNA replication.
Prebiotic selection for motifs in a model of template-free elongation of polymers within compartments. (2017)
with Sam Sinai, Nicholas Keone Lee, and Martin Nowak.