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About Me

A Little About Me

I'm a new grad from Stanford University, where I majored in Computer Science with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence, and minored in Music.

What's Next

This spring (Mar-June 2021), I'm virtually interning for Google again! Details to be posted post-internship :)

Current Executive Lead, former Events Lead for Girls Teaching Girls to Code

  • Executive Lead for Stanford Chapter of GTC, a 501c3 nonprofit that has introduced 1800 high school girls to the worlds of Computer Science & Engineering, aspiring to empower local high school girls through mentorship and applied projects
  • Organize immersive, all-day coding events/workshops in areas such as AI, computational biology, virtual reality, and cybersecurity, as well as smaller events like puzzle hunts and company tours for girls to continue exploring future career options and opportunities

Current co-chair, former Project Director for Stanford Khmer Association

  • Lead coordinator for Cambodian Rising Education Weekend (CREW), SKA's largest event of the year: a free higher education outreach program to empower Khmer high school students to seek post-secondary education
  • Promote awareness of Khmer culture and Cambodian-American issues through community outreach, engaging workshops, cultural events and discussions, film nights, and other sponsored events

Technical Skills



  • 1st place, Amazon 2018 Intern Hackathon
  • Presented to senior executive board at Seattle Children's Hospital, passed on to their engineering team for further development
  • With the namesake Florence Nightingale, florence is an Alexa-powered take-home doctor for patients discharged from the hospital to guide them through recovery at home
  • Doctors input personalized care instructions for each patient, and at home, florence will respond to any patient questions regarding their treatment, such as questions about their prescribed diet, medication, or suggestions for anticipated symptoms
Recycle Doctor:
  • won Runner Up-TreeHacks 2018 TomKat Prize for Sustainability
  • Android app utilizing the Google Cloud Vision API to classify photographed objects into recycling types (paper, plastic, compost, metal, or landfill)


Westborough High School
Weighted GPA: 5.45
Unweighted GPA: 4.10/4.00
  • Founded a volunteer-based tutoring & mentorship program, Homework Helpers
    • Dedicated to improving the academic performance of students at the local middle school by offering free homework help, mentorship, and private tutoring
    • Led program as president for 4 years of high school
  • Founded and captained the Westborough High School Badminton Team
    • Led the team to a 1st place finish our first year, at the Massachusetts State High School Badminton Team Championships

Honors, Awards, and Associations

  • 2018 Google Developer Challenge Scholarship
  • 2018 Andy Grove Intel Scholarship
  • 2017 National AXA Achievement Scholarship
  • 2017 Western Union Foundation Global Scholar

  • 2019 Rewriting the Code Fellow
  • 2018 Rewriting the Code Fellow
  • 2018 WICS Innovation Fellow

  • 2019 Google CodeU Developer
  • Google Women Techmakers Membership
  • Girl Scouts of America


Music has always been central to my life, from growing up learning piano, violin, and flute and falling in love with the timeless beauty of classical music, to exploring new timbres and textures in teaching myself new instruments like guitar and saxaphone and venturing into new genres like jazz.

I've grown to love transcribing and arranging music from my favorite movies, video games, pop songs, and more! To see my latest work, check out my YouTube channel for some music covers, formal classical pieces, and fun musical arrangements with friends.

Below has some extra samples of music projects I worked on a while ago.

Howl's Moving Castle

An last-minute arrangement of Howl's Moving Castle that my friends and I decided to put together 30 minutes before our dorm's cafe night. Not the most polished, but a fun time for all :) (Me on piano, my friend Chris on violin, and my roommate Kaila on flute)

Chopin's Scherzo in B Flat Minor, No. 2, Op. 31

One of my favorite classical pieces I've learned in my years of piano playing.

It's Time - Imagine Dragons

An arrangement of It's Time by Imagine Dragons that my friends and I put together for our high school's baccalaureate ceremony.

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