Geun Ho Ahn (안근호)

I am a third year PhD student at Stanford University in Electrical Engineering advised by Professor Jelena Vuckovic, supported by STMicroelectronics Stanford Graduate Fellowship. My current research interests lie at the intersection of integrated photonics, machine learning, optimization and optical materials, specifically towards integrated optical systems, such as AR/VR, LiDAR, and on-chip data communications.

Previously, I received my B.S. degree in EECS at University of California, Berkeley, where I was advised by Professor Ali Javey on novel optoelectronics and optical material synthesis.

I was born in Ulsan, South Korea, and was raised in Prague, Czechia.

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  • Oral Presentation at Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) in March, 2020.
  • Our work on on-chip Silicon LiDAR is published on Nature Photonics in 2020.
  • Passed Stanford EE qualifying exam in 2020.
  • Our work on synthetic monolayer with high quantum yield is published on Science Advances in 2019.
  • Started PhD at Stanford University in Fall 2018.
Selected Publications
sym Synthetic WSe2 monolayers with high photoluminescence quantum yield
Hyungjin Kim*, Geun Ho Ahn*, Joy Cho, Matin Amani, James P. Mastandre, Catherine K. Groschner, Der-Hsien Lien, Yingbo Zhao, Joel W. Ager III, Mary C. Scott, Daryl C. Chrzan, & Ali Javey.
Science Advances, 2019.

Large scale symthetic monolayer films can demonstrate much higher quantum yield than mechanically exfoliated counterparts, if grown properly.

sym Strain-engineered growth of two-dimensional materials
Geun Ho Ahn*, Matin Amani*, Haider Rasool, Der-Hsien Lien, James P. Mastandrea, Joel W. Ager III, Madan Dubey, Daryl C. Chrzan, Andrew M. Minor & Ali Javey.
Nature Communications, 2017.

Highlighted by U.S. Department of Energy / Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory /

Engineering the intrinsic van der waal interaction between the electronic substrate and two dimentional materials for built-in strain tunability via large scale growth.

Full Publication List
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Reviewer in ACS Photonics

EE 340: Optical Micro- and Nano-Cavities : Grader, Spring 2020

EE 222: Applied Quantum Mechanics I : Grader, Fall 2019

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