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I am a 4th year Ph.D. student in the department of Anthropology at Stanford University. My research intends to explore the relationship between human behavior and risk of contracting malaria. I have also done some spatial and socioeconomic analysis of the case reports of malaria in Colombia by municipality. In a previous life, I did research in primatology studying food sharing in owl monkeys, where I received training in methods of behavioral ecology (that I still use in my malaria research).

Like most people, I was confused during my undergraduate studies, which lead me to take several courses in computer science. Never in those days I would have guessed that programming could be useful for anthropological research, but I have used some of the skills acquired during those (now remote) days in agent based models to explore disease persistence and extinction in primate metapopulations, and the effect of anthropogenic burning on grassland biodiversity. I am also beginning a research project in the effects of network structure on collaboration.

Esta pa¡gina es decente gracias a Rodrigo Orrantia.

Julio 18, 2006