"David Tse and Pramod Viswanath have succeeded in developing a superb textbook covering the field of modern wireless communications. The book, Fundamentals of Wireless Communications, truly covers the fundamentals of a wireless system design and incorporates a lucid exposition of the most recent advances such as MIMO and opportunistic communication. The results are derived with exceeding clarity and often linked to an information theoretical framework, thus providing the reader with a clear understanding of optimal design choices for both point-to-point and multiple access wireless communication. The chapters on MIMO and their link to multiple access communications provide a comprehensive and clear view of the potential benefits of these techniques. Never missing throughout the book is a much needed system perspective rather than isolated treatment and discussion of individual results. In summary this textbook will be extremely valuable not only to graduate students pursuing research in wireless systems but also to engineering professionals who have the task of designing and developing future wireless technologies."                                                        
Roberto Padovani, CTO, Qualcomm Inc.

"Fundamentals of Wireless Communication is a terrific introduction to principles of physical-layer design for state-of-the-art wireless systems. It is a wonderful and much-needed resource for new graduate students and practicing professionals alike. Tse and Viswanath have written a text of enduring value."                                                        
Professor Gregory W. Wornell, MIT

" Fundamentals of Wireless Communication is a unique combination of engineering insight, theoretical clarity and systems experience. This is the text I use to explain to graduate students how they should think about fading channels. "                                                        
Professor Robert Calderbank, Princeton University