Declan Thompson

PhD Student in Philosophy

Stanford University


I'm a philosophy graduate student at Stanford University, researching the concept of an algorithm. I'm interested in finding a formal definition for algorithm which can account for common usage in modern computer science, particularly fields like algorithmic analysis. Apart from this, I'm pursuing projects in dynamic logic and network games, and develop a software tool for completing natural deduction proofs. I enjoy taking on new challenges, which allow me to expand my knowledge and skill set.


  • Philosophy of Computer Science
  • Applied Logic
  • Logic and Game Theory


  • BA(Hons) in Logic and Computation, 2015

    University of Auckland

  • BSc in Mathematics and Logic and Computation, 2014

    University of Auckland

  • BA in Linguistics, 2014

    University of Auckland


  • 450 Jane Stanford Way, Bldg 90, Stanford, CA 94305
  • Skype