Research interests:

  • Design, fabrication, characterization of MEMS inertial sensors

    • Differential resonant accelerometer

    • Disk resonating gyroscope

Differential Resonant Beam Accelerometer

Fabricated within our group's wafer-level encapsulation process, the resonant
accelerometer utilizes resonant beams as a strain gauge displacement transducer.
As shown in the figure below, the structure relies on operation of a pair of
resonators that provide differential response to the displacement of the mass
caused by acceleration, and a common response to many other error sources, such
as temperature.

By retaining the benefits of the epi-seal process — namely, extreme long-term
stability, demonstrated reliability, wafer-scale packaging, and compatibility
with low-cost manufacturing processes — we aim to develop inertial sensors with
negligible degradation of performance under conditions of high shock, high
vibration, ambient temperature excursion, long-term storage, or power cycling.


SEM images of (a) Top view of the device, (b) Close-up of sensing geometry,
(c) Cross-section of the encapsulated device; (d) Cutaway schematic of the
accelerometer with large gaps and no etch holes