Daisy Leigh

Office 030C, Bldg 460
Stanford University

Hello! I'm a fourth year Ph.D. candidate in Linguistics at Stanford University. You can see my CV here.

Most broadly, I'm interested in the cognitive, pragmatic and social factors that shape language use in interaction.

My dissertation aims to examine the construction of sociolinguistic style from a cognitive and semiotic perspective: how do listeners come to interpret particular bundles of linguistic features as distinct from another?

I'm a member of the Interactional Sociophonetics Lab and the interActive Language Processing Lab at Stanford (ALPS)

Previously, I have examined how social and phonetic factors affect linguistic convergence in tandem, and I have also worked on disfluencies in acquisition, examining how children learn to use pragmatic markers like um and uh to signal production delays in conversation.

I presented some of this work at LSA 2017 [poster] and IASCL 2017 [poster].
BTW: For that project, I annotated a large portion of the Providence Corpus for turn-type. I'm currently tidying up the code and annotation, but in the meantime, please email me if you're interested in the data.

I keep a longstanding (but infrequently updated) photo blog, and tweet as daisydotdotdot.