Potentially useful things

Fix misaligned TextGrid/Sound chains

Praat script to fix an annoying problem of TextGrids and their Sound objects not aligning properly when chained (concatenated) together.

Draw a series of spectra

I wanted to be able to look at nasalization over the course of a vowel. This little Praat script takes a cursor position in the edit window and draws a series of six FFT spectra of user-configurable width. Amaze your friends.

Using FeaturePad on [-Windows]

I would like my students to be able to use FeaturePad, but it is Windows-only. Here are some instructions I wrote for getting FeaturePad working in Wine on an intel Mac or Linux computer.

CSS Interlinears

Some rudimentary CSS markup for making CSS interlinears in HTML documents.

Forced-alignment and segmentation of EVA2 airflow data

I built a clunits voice for Festival that uses nasal airflow data from an EVA2 to select optimally coarticulated segments from a unit selection database. These are some instructions I wrote so I would remember how to automatically align and segment the data.

LaTeX sinewaves

Need to draw complex sinewaves in LaTeX and the simple waves that sum to form them? So did I.

Unofficial Rice letterhead LaTeX template

Is what it says. riceletter.cls file for composing LaTeX letters with official-looking Rice personal letterhead. Based on the Rice brand standards and including a down-sized version of the shield logo.

Python fixer upper

Sample python data fixer script demonstrating several useful tricks.