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kbmcgowan [at] stanford edu

I am a postdoc in the Department of Linguistics at Stanford University where I work for Meghan Sumner. My research is mostly on speech perception with particular interests in coarticulation (the overlap and interaction of successive articulatory gestures of the vocal tract) and the indexical aspects of the speech signal (auditory cues to speaker identity, group membership, emotion, etc.).

Before this I taught a variety of courses including phonetics, phonology, and computational linguistics at Rice University.

I am a phonetician, and think of what I do as cognitive science. In particular, I am interested in our phenomenal ability to perceive and control complex patterns of variation.

I studied linguistics at the University of Michigan with the amazing guidance and support of my advisors Pam Beddor and Steve Abney.

Before grad school, I enjoyed ten years as technical lead of the University of Michigan's web infrastructure team. This entailed a lot of programming, systems administration (first SunOS, then Solaris, and then Linux), database administration (mysql, oracle), and cat herding (managing people).

In undergrad, John Lawler had me write The Chomskybot. It's pretty ancient now but still, I think, worth a chuckle.