The Scientist Me


I am Benjamin Tee, a Ph.D Candidate in the Electrical Engineering Department at Stanford University. I am a transducers aficionado, and spends a lot of time in making the best flexible and stretchable pressure sensors.

I immerse myself in the world of chemists, physicists, bio-engineers and material scientists because I believe that the future of science is collaborative and integrative in nature. Innovative applications will no doubt employ a variety of knowledge from different disciplines. This environment also prevents me from becoming the proverbial frog-in-the-well.

I earnestly seek to mimic the amazing qualities of human skin on an electronic platform. I use soft organic materials to manufacture large area electronic skins that sense mechanical forces. My research has led me to develop both capacitive and piezo-resistive pressure sensors. Pressure sensors are widely used today to sense human presence (think car seats) and touch sensors on human-computer interactive devices (think iphone, ipad). Combining both pressure/touch in a reliable and sensitive manner turns out to be more difficult than you think. The iphone touchscreen can sense where your finger is, but not how hard you are pressing on the gorilla glass screen. Having both pressure and location information will empower next generation human-computer interfaces.

I earned my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering (EE) from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (class of ’03) and a Masters (EE) from Stanford (class of ’06). I gratefully acknowledge sponsorship of my knowledge acquisition to the people of Singapore.

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