My Work images, photos, web, graphics, gear design, and more

Vander the Octopus

Final scanline image for CS 148: Introduction to Graphics. Won 3rd best in class! Octopus, tank, and water are my personal models with custom textures.

Fast FTL Hair Simulation

Video of an interactive hair simulation following the follow-the-leader implementation in Muller, Kim, Chentanez 2012

OmaNonna's Revenge

Role-playing game with a turn-based battle system where you play as a witch trying to retake her kingdom with the help of her grandchildren. Available on

Unreal Engine VR Body Position Predictor

Senior project in a group of 4 under the mentorship of Epic Games. TracVR implemented and designed the in-game experience with the realtime ML-predicted positions.

Particle-Based Fluids

Video of an interactive fluid simulation of a particle-based fluid. (Issue with surface tension coefficient.)

His Gummy Highness

Final ray-traced image for CS 148. All models are my own.

Fruitee Yogurt Website

Designed and helped implement a website for a local Frozen Yogurt shop, Fruitee Yogurt. Photography and art (aside from logo) is mine.

Recipe Visualizer

Using D3.js, crossfilter.js, and dc.js, my team built a visualization of ingredient content in receipes.

Depth of Field Ray Tracing

Implemented depth of field with ray tracing for CS 148.

Light Dispersion Ray Tracing

Implemented light dispersion with ray tracing for CS 148.


Photo of my desk through my glasses


Photo of autumn leaves

April Fooligans Day Disc

Disc designed for a tournament at the local high school tournament designed to raise money for the Pura Vida Project in Costa Rica.

Millyfest Disc Design

Disc designed for Wellesley Millyfest, an Ultimate Frisbee tournament held to honor an alumna who commited suicide. Proceeds from the tournament go to raising suicide awareness.


Photo from Stanford's Engineering Quad

Food Delivery Graphic

Graphic for The Stanford Daily, Stanford University's student run newspaper. Other graphics can be found here.


Photo of Stanford Women's Ultimate during rookie intiation