v2tau: Verilog to lsgs format conversion tool

Version 0.2 (May 2007)

Kyle Kelley, Siddharth Joshi and Stephen Boyd

v2tau translates a Verilog description of a netlist into the format required by the lsgs toolbox.


Untar the files using the command: tar xvfz v2tau-0.2.tar.gz, which extracts the files to the directory v2tau-0.2. To set up v2tau follow the instructions in the users’ guide (which is also included in the gzipped tar file).

The toolbox has been tested with Perl v 5.8.8, installed on GNU/Linux platform.

We welcome your feedback. Please contact Kyle Kelley (kkelley@stanford.edu), Siddharth Joshi (sidj@stanford.edu), or Stephen Boyd (boyd@stanford.edu) with bug reports and/or suggestions.

Copyright information

This version of v2tau is distributed under the GNU General Public License 2.0. For commercial or alternative licensing, please contact the authors.

Stephen Boyd’s research page
Siddharth Joshi’s home page