Model uncertainty in engineering reliability analysis

Graduate researcher: Beliz Ugurhan

Project sponsors: Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center, National Science Foundation

Collaborators: Greg Deierlein, Stanford; Abbie Liel, University of Colorado; Curt Haselton, California State University, Chico, Michael Faber, Technical University of Denmark; Yahya Bayraktarli, BKW FMB Energy


An alternate fragility function definition that facilitates correlation of component damage (from Baker, 2008).


Assessing reliability analysis of engineered systems generally requires consideration of model uncertainty due to lack of knowledge (also known as epistemic uncertainty). Quantifying this uncertainty, and capturing its effect as it propagates through the reliability analysis procedure, is important if one wants an accurate picture of the reliability of the system being studied. The publications listed below show a variety of quantification and propagation approaches for characterizing model uncertainty.

Selected publications:

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