Published and Forthcoming Papers

  1. Analyzing Causal Mechanisms in Survey Experiments (with Matt Blackwell and Maya Sen) accepted at Political Analysis.
  2. Sons of the Soil: A Model of Assimilation and Population Control (with David Laitin and Anna Zhang) accepted at Journal of Theoretical Politics.
  3. Explaining Preferences from Behavior: A Cognitive Dissonance Approach (with Matt Blackwell and Maya Sen) accepted at Journal of Politics. [Online Appendix]
  4. Progressive Learning (with Juan Ortner), Econometrica, Volume 85, November 2017, pp. 1965-1990. [Supplemental Appendix]
  5. Sincere Voting in Large Elections (with Adam Meirowitz), Games and Economic Behavior, Volume 101, January 2017, pp. 121-131.
  6. Information Aggregation Failure in a Model of Social Mobility, Games and Economic Behavior, Volume 100, November 2016, pp. 257-272. [Older version called Equilibrium False Consciousness]
  7. Explaining Causal Findings without Bias: Detecting and Assessing Direct Effects (with Matt Blackwell and Maya Sen), American Political Science Review, Volume 110, August 2016, pp. 512-529. [Supplemental Information] [Replication] [DirectEffects R Package]
  8. The Political Legacy of American Slavery (with Matt Blackwell and Maya Sen), Journal of Politics, Volume 78, July 2016, pp. 621-641 (lead article; winner of the Joseph L. Bernd Best JOP Paper Award for 2016). [Supplemental Information] [Replication]
  9. Caste Politics, Corruption and Distribution in India (with John Roemer and Rohini Somanathan), Research in Economics, Volume 69, September 2015, pp. 336-352.
  10. War with Crazy Types (with Edoardo Grillo), Political Science Research and Methods, Volume 3, May 2015, pp. 281-307. [Blog Post]
  11. Multidimensional Poverty with Missing Attributes (with John Roemer), Economics Letters, Volume 130, May 2015, pp. 51-55.
  12. Delays and Partial Agreements in Multi-Issue Bargaining (with Juan Ortner), Journal of Economic Theory, Volume 148, September 2013, pp. 2150-2163. [Older Version with More Results]
  13. The Calculus of the Security Dilemma (with Kris Ramsay), Quarterly Journal of Political Science, Volume 8, April 2013, pp. 183-203.
  14. The Maoist Insurgency in Nepal and the Political Economy of Violence, in M. Lawoti and A. Pahari (eds.), The Maoist Insurgency in Nepal: Revolution in the 21st Century, London: Routledge, 2010. [Data File]

Unpublished Papers

  1. Searching for Policy Reforms (with Juan Ortner)
  2. Security in the Absence of a State: Traditional Authority, Livestock Trading and Maritime Piracy in Northern Somalia (with Robin Harding and Andy Harris) [Supplemental Appendix]
  3. A Behavioral Foundation for Audience Costs (with Edoardo Grillo)
  4. Economic Foundations of the Territorial State System (with Alex Lee) R&R at American Journal of Political Science.
  5. Path Dependence in European Development: Medieval Politics, Conflict and State Building (with Alex Lee) R&R at Journal of Politics.