Create your own Hologram

For one of my labs in Modern Optics Laboratory, I created a hologram with my lab partner, Burcu. Holograms save both phase and intensity information about the light from a scene allowing for a three-dimensional reconstruction of the scene. The hologram I created is an image of a silver heart necklace, a quarter, and an anchor keychain. I placed these objects behind a lens, so they appeared magnified in the hologram. I recorded the hologram on photographic emulsion PFG-03M, which is a silver halide emulsion produced by Slavich for the red spectral range. Then I processed the hologram with a JD-4 developer kit from Integraf. To reilluminate my hologram, I used a small red laser pointer with its collminating lens removed. Since holograms store 3d information, you have to move your head to see each object in the hologram. Imagine looking through a magnifying glass at a book: to see a different part of the page magnified, you either have to move the magnifying glass or tilt your head. For details on how to create a hologram and reproduce this hologram, see my full report here. Here are some pictures of my hologram:

I took these photos myself, and it was hard to juggle the camera, laser, and hologram with only two hands. Hopefully, I will get some help over Christmas break and get some better pictures up.