Amy Fritz

PhD Candidate
Stanford University
Dept of Electrical Engineering
Education Research
Advisor: Carl Wieman, Physics

Education Research Science Projects Nature

Amy was born and raised in Minnesota. She graduated from Irondale High School in 2007 and spent the summer working as a camp counselor at Northern Pines Methodist Camp. After spending a year abroad in Germany, she attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology, completing a double major in electrical engineering and physics in 2012. Her summer job as a park ranger intern at Yellowstone National Park the following summer was a life changing experience.

Following in the footsteps of her optical engineering parents, Amy received her Masters in electrical engineering from Stanford in 2016 with a specialization in optics. After a disastrous six months working as a technical sales and support engineer at Newport's New Focus group during the company's acquisition, Amy moved to mountains of Virginia. She worked as an interpretive Park Ranger on the Blue Ridge Parkway and explored career options.

Finally, she decided her long term goal was to teach physics at the college level, so she moved back home to Minnesota and worked as a teaching specialist at the University of Minnesota before coming back to Stanford in 2018 to finish her PhD. She now works with Carl Wiemann on physics and engineering education research.

In her free time, Amy enjoys hiking, backpacking, bouldering, cross country skiing, identifying flowers, reading sci-fi, and playing board games.