Arduino Experiments


Plinko Drawing Machine

The Plinko Drawing Machine makes art out of physics. The 3D-printed dispenser is pulled back and forth using two motors and string. Pressing the release button causes a pneumatic valve dispenser to drop an ink-covered ball into the plinko board, leaving a trail of ink as it bounces to the bottom.

Heartbeat Hat

A lit-up hat that pulses in sync with your heartbeat. Great for a dance party!


Ambiance is a looping MP3 player intended to set the ambiance of the room. There's a coffee shop, rainstorm, campfire, and boat on the river.

A laser cut wood box houses the electronics, including an Arduino Uno, MP3 shield, LCD screen, speakers, and buttons and switches as input.

Chainsaw Towel Dispenser

In this experiment, the goal was to remind people of the environmental cost of single-use objects. This paper towel dispenser is rigged to sound like a chain saw when in use.