About Sasha

Hi! My name is Alex Sax, and I go by Sasha. I'm a CS Masters student at Stanford interested in NLP and machine vision, and next year I'll be working in the Computer Vision and Geometry Lab (CVGL) on campus. Right now I'm interning at Microsoft on the PowerPoint\Designer team where I'm working on parallelizing suggestions and using vision to improve suggestion quality.

On my own:

I like video games.

I'm not proud of it, but man are they fun. LoL, Civ V, KSP - oh boy.

And hiking!

The outdoors are one of the best perks about going to school in California. Skyline to the sea is one of my all time favorite trails, but Tilden Park is also super nice during sunset. It's so hard to choose!

And Russian films.

Maybe I'm biased towards him because I love scifi, but I think Tarkovski's films transcend the genre.

My Stuff


Hire me! If you're an academic, then please pretend I wrote 'CV' up above.


Side projects that I've made outside of work.


All the code that's fit to print.
(i.e. not proprietary)

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