Hepatitis D Virus

Hepatitis D virus diagram and electron microscopy(1)

 Its enveloped circular ssRNA genome is only 1,700 bp and codes for only two proteins.(2)  HDV currently does not belong to a viral family, but is classified with the rest of the satellites based on genomic characteristics.(3)
The mortality rate of HDV infection is between 2% and 20%.  This dwarfs the 0.2-2% mortality rate seen in hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection.  Because of successful immunization campaigns against HBV (see Defenses section below) in wealthier countries, this virus is mainly a disease of the developing world.(4)
HDV causes jaundice, dark urine, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, nausea, joint pain, and fatigue.  The speed of HDV’s attack depends on whether HDV was acquired on top of existing HBV infection or not.  Co-infection with HBV can result in acute disease complicated by liver failure, while HDV superinfection can lead to chronic disease with progression to cirrhosis of the liver.(5)
 Also, because the virus is transmitted parenterally, improved blood bank screening and precaution in general when dealing with cuts of infected people prevent transmission.  It is also transmitted through unprotected sex and sharing needles or needlesticks.  Therefore, behavioral changes are also important in curbing the disease’s spread.  For acute infection, the only treatment is supportive care, while for chronic infection, treatment options include IFN-a and liver transplantation.(6)  
Game Action
You just got HDV superinfection and have developed chronic hepatitis.  Spend ½ of the number you role from now on regrowing your liver.  The other half is the spaces you move.
One Liner
Hepatitis D, the Sputnik of the liver, with ab pain it will make you quiver.